Josh Motlong

Chief Monkey

Joshua Matthias Maddux Molybdenum Motlong (the III), can grow an enviable beard, shave with a straight-razor, shoot a rifle, and play a 6 string bass behind his head, naked, while balancing on top of a Porsche 911 doing a 7 minute lap round the Nurburgring.

Actually, those things may be true, but better than that, he leads by example – listening more than he speaks, speaking less than he thinks, and protecting his family with a sacrificial love.

Josh Motlong is a man outside of time. Drop him into any century, he would rise to the top. His mind is like Rumpelstiltskin, weaving straw into gold and then leaving the scene of the miracle before he can be caught in the act (unlike Rumplestiltskin, he is not a baby-stealing creeper).

His biggest foibles appear to be disdaining turkish coffee and board games, admiring Porsches and marrying a woman who was out of his league.

You cannot listen to him too much, or dislike him too little.

To be impressed by Josh is like being impressed by the sight of an iceberg – you’ve only seen 10% – and if you were to see the other 90% it would probably wreck you.

This is a man to watch.

~ Zac


Zac Garver

Chief Wrench

Zac still reads 1 article at a time. All the way to the end. Same thing with videos, podcasts and the like. Might not seem like a big deal, because it’s not. In fact, Zac’s not really a big deal himself.

He hasn’t learned common internet skills like “skimming content,” “scouring headlines” and just “getting the gist” of an article. He actually starts at the beginning and reads or watches or listens to the thing all the way until it’s done.

But that’s just a little of his old-fashioned-ness.

This young geezer would rather build a solution out of the parts he has around his garage or office than just go to the store and buy a fix. He’s more likely to pull it to pieces and grease it than fork over for an upgrade. You’d think he didn’t know it’s the 21st century and that you can just buy that crap.

He writes as much as he reads, and thinks a whole lot more than that. But all those together don’t don’t quite match how much he does. Or how much he cares, or how strong he believes.

He’s a sort of stalwart in the middle of a stream, yet somehow it’s not wearing him down. By some magic, he only gets stronger, and more resilient, and oddly more compassionate and wise.

He questions everything, tests what’s available, and lives what he knows. He’s the kind of man that teaches you while you think you’re teaching him, and when all is over, he’ll be loaded with gratitude. When around him, you’ll find yourself listening a bit closer, thinking a little longer, trusting your gut when you used to doubt and treating people like you wish you were.

So no, Zac’s not really a big deal, he turns the men around him into big deals.

~ Josh