You Don’t Have The Judgment, I Think, To Make The Right Plays

How Abe Geary, inventor of the un-patentable “Pet Paint,” threw away a rare second chance.

He was seeking $200K for a 20% share in his company, and started losing Sharks (potential investors) when he answered that 80% of the already-invested $250K was unmoved inventory.

One by one they gave their insight and dropped off. All were on the way out when Barbara Corcoran, the real-estate mogul who turned a $1K loan into a $5B company, jumped in with an insane offer.

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Week In Review, January 13-17

Wads of interesting content from around the web

The David and Goliath Deception - Malcolm Gladwell Next generation barcodes
Why humility pays off Fading West by Switchfoot

Here’s a little of what you’ll find…

  • The David & Goliath Deception
  • Life’s Most Dangerous Question
  • The Dark Side Of Heroic Leadership
  • Why Humility Pays Off
  • Down Fell The Doves, By Amanda Shires
  • The Street Doctor
  • Muppet Rage
  • The Refugee Project

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When Obedience Becomes Dangerous

“Please continue… the experiment requires you to continue… it is absolutely essential that you continue… you have no other choice but to continue.”

65% of the participants completed their task – sending hundreds of volts into another human until that individual was rendered unconscious.

Concentration camps come to mind, but this experiment – Milgram’s infamous 1963 experiment on obedience to authority figures – was performed with everyday people just like you and me. Not soldiers, not interrogators, not psychopaths.

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How Your Daily Routine Is Stealing A Sense Of Accomplishment

We praise accomplishment – worship it, even. It’s American pride, part of our culture, and what *makes* us who we are.

The difficult thing with accomplishment is that, in a lifetime, you will only ever feel accomplishment for moments – mere moments. And when the feeling wears off, you will return to weeks and months hunting down your next great exploit.

The seduction of accomplishment is everywhere:

  • Lose 30 lbs
  • Bench-press 240 lbs
  • Run a marathon
  • Make an extra $15K this year
  • Get a promotion
  • Enjoy every minute

That last one didn’t quite fit, did it? But is it unreasonable? Too far-fetched for everyday life? I don’t think it is. In fact, I believe it’s closer to what is actually needed than we allow ourselves to believe.

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