Week In Review, February 3-7

Is Satya really seeing the future?
Microsoft’s Narrow Future?


Hugh Jackman Growing Coffee
Hugh Jackman’s Coffee


Amazing Wall Tiles
Brilliant Wall Tiles


Among Savages
From Among Savages


  • Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind, by Among Savages

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  • The Gap

    This goes along with one of Josh’s posts from this week. But the message isn’t redundant yet.

  • Syria’s Slow Death

    The West applauds Assad’s weapons concessions, while he pours death and dust in the mouths of his people.

  • Figure Skating Meets Downhill Skiing

    It’s bad. Every laugh-inducing moment of twirling and crumbling commentary is just bad.

  • God Loves You When You’re Dancing, by Vance Joy

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